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On: May 17, 2013
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Machinima showing simple navigation techniques in CP
On: May 11, 2013
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This is a video that my students and I created using several different tech tools like Audacity, Movie Maker and Tagxedo.
By: THX1138
On: May 05, 2013
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My simple science video using WeVideo and Common Craft style...:-)
By: THX1138
On: May 04, 2013
Views: 216
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My first Machinima attempt! Lots of fun making it and generating ideas about how to use it in the classroom!
By: Mangil
On: Jan 08, 2013
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This is a youtube video for one of my quests.
By: Liquid
On: Dec 31, 2012
Views: 260
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Introduction Video
By: Watson
On: Dec 18, 2012
Views: 272
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First machinima, for Welcome (intro quest)
On: Oct 10, 2012
Views: 333
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A simple 5 minute format, this presentation was just what Chris needed to tighten up the story of 3D Gamelab and what the quest-based approach looks like.
By: Humbot
On: Aug 22, 2012
Views: 319
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My submission for the Movie Maker Quest. Saints Row 3 No mic, so no audio! Enjoy! Please comment or rate video! Thanks.
On: Aug 19, 2012
Views: 269
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This is the video introduction to a presentation that I am doing with some colleagues at our next faculty meeting. We are giving them our top 12 ideas from the BLC12 conference in Boston.